Our facility is designed to provide even the most sensitive patients with comprehensive and compassionate dental care in a safe and secure environment. We ensure that every patient receives the best dental care and treatment available. We can listen to your concerns and provide dental treatment in calm, relaxing surroundings. There is following facilities:

                 Single sitting
          Root Canal Treatment
             LED System for
         Tooth Coloured Fillings
       Laminates and Veneers
        Orthodontics Treatment
       (Crowded & Zigzag Teeth)
        Ultrasonic Scaling and
            Polishing of teeth
    Treatment of Bad Breath
Bleeding Gums & Loose teeth
             Teeth Whitening
               and Bleaching
      Fixed teeth (Crown & Bridge)

          All Denture work
         Dental X-ray Machine
           Complete Sterlization
        Removal of Impacted
             Wisdom Teeth
            Dental Implants
             Treatment of Dental
             Diseases of Children
           Fractured Jaws

          Cysts of teeth & Jaws
              Facial & Jaw Pain